About Us

We are a group of law firms seeking effective solutions for our clients in an increasingly globalised international context. We are present where our clients need us, providing access to the global talent of a large group of lawyers specialised in insurance law, through 33 Firms and 50 offices around the world.

All INSULAW INTERNATIONAL firms share a common commitment: to contribute to the growth of the insurance business and to the success of our clients, while respecting fair play and the highest ethical standards. INSULAW INTERNATIONAL offers the insurance industry a truly ingenious way of providing legal solutions to its legal problems.

Why give up working with the most prestigious law firms in each jurisdiction when we can do so through INSULAW INTERNATIONAL?

Advantages of working with

Global Solution

A global solution to our clients’ cross-border problems.

Defence of values

The defence of the same values and ethical principles, which allows us to work as a team and to fully understand the international insurance and reinsurance business.


Access to leading teams of lawyers, who have the greatest experience and prestige in their respective local markets.

Quality – Price

Efficient and competitive professionals in a scenario where value for money also counts.

Multidisciplinary approach

Multidisciplinary approach to the issues raised by clients.

Different languages

We are able to take on assignments in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Why Us?

A new scenario requiring highly specialised structures

International policy programs are increasingly giving rise to new scenarios with coverages in various jurisdictions, making claims handling complex and requiring the involvement of specialized professionals who can provide imaginative and effective solutions to the growing problems generated by globalization.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has become one of the biggest challenges facing the insurance industry: the financial prospects of companies, the continuity of employees and business, and the service provided by claims departments and law firms to their clients are some of the issues that have undergone the most significant changes in recent times.

With regard to claims management, the main challenge is to have legal teams that can deal with the phenomenon of internationalization of claims in an agile manner. One of the solutions to this problem is to have a platform of law firms that can guarantee a reliable communications system and keep their clients permanently informed about the status of their cases.

In addition, the limitations to the mobility of professionals, threatened by the new scenario drawn after the pandemic, can be combated through collaboration with networks of law firms present in all jurisdictions where the interests of their clients are at stake.

INSULAW INTERNATIONAL member firms have proven experience in resolving matters, whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In cases where the applicable law and jurisdiction clauses require knowledge of local law, we guarantee the best possible advice.

Declaration of intentions

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We represent multinational and local insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide, and Lloyd’s syndicates on matters of major significance.

We advise clients on all insurance and reinsurance related matters, from policy drafting and interpretation, coverage analysis, advice on international insurance programmes, regulatory law consultations, litigation to the incorporation of insurance / reinsurance companies, mergers & acquisitions, restructurings and taxation related to insurance and reinsurance.